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Image by Arno Smit

Creative expression improves health and happiness.

Creativity Coaching

Are you ready to change your life and to overcome obstacles that keep you from shining?

  • When we share stories through the arts we connect to a place deep within ourselves.

  • In creative expression we find healing.

  • As we create, we capture possibilities and learn to free ourselves of limitations.

  • Engaging in creative activities helps us to feel as though we are alive in the world instead of merely passing through it.

  • Attending to the artist within us can connect us to a life driven by intention and meaning.

Did you know that creativity enhances mental health and well-being?

  • Creativity improves your health. Read more.

  • Creativity leads to a life of meaning and a greater sense of purpose. Read more.

  • Creativity improves mindfulness and enriches relationships. Read more.

  • Creative thinking drives professional success. Read more.

  • Creativity is good for you. Read more.


How will creativity coaching help you shine?

  • Deepens your relationship with creative process.

  • Improves your craft.

  • Aligns your goals to build a creative life.

  • Helps you to find your voice and share your stories.

  • Teaches you new ways of seeing.


My approaches include:

  • Utilizing lessons found in nature.

  • Connecting to the Medicine Wheel (Spirit, Heart, Mind, and Body).

  • Guiding reflection through the arts to awaken insight.

  • Shifting and clearing creative energy through Reiki. 

    • Reiki is a subtle and effective form of energy work using spiritually guided life force energy that flows through all living things.

  • Attentive listening and individualized programming to best meet your needs.

How will you know if creativity coaching is a right fit for you?

It's time to realize your potential.

What are the ways that you want to shine?

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