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Image by Arno Smit

Creative expression improves health and happiness.


Are you looking for some help to navigate your creative life and projects?

When I first started out I wanted to find the right teacher to guide me. I always do my best when I have someone to check-in with, share advice, springboard ideas, discuss my manuscript or portfolio, and keep me on track with getting things done. It isn't easy becoming a writer today. There is much to navigate within the creative and the publishing processes. 

How can mentoring help?

We can work together to set goals, create a schedule, and check-in while you are working on a project or to chat about the bigger vision for your creative life. We can talk about craft, process, and possibilities. Having a mentor is like having your own teacher to ask questions, to talk through solutions, and to receive feedback. We can meet in-person, online, or through phone chats.


What does a mentor do?

​My way to be a mentor is to build a relationship through getting to know you by listening and asking questions. I am mostly a teacher. My teaching style is grounded in the lessons from nature. My approach is holistic and considers how the pieces fit into greater ideas. I work at your pace and offer honest feedback based on the goals you've shared. We can meet weekly or bi-weekly or monthly. Sometimes we may decide to meet 4-5 times a year for check-ins. Most appointments are available in the evenings and on weekends (because I have another day job in education). 

What is the cost?

Please contact me to book a free 15-minute consultation to see if this will be a right fit. At this time, we can also discuss the details about pricing and packages.

This service is currently on hold until 2024.

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