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Arts Organizations

Creativity is all about relationships.

Arts organizations make our communities vibrant places to live. From choirs and orchestras to theatre groups to writing groups to arts and photography groups, many towns and cities pulse with creativity in community. People find places to make lifelong friendships, develop their craft, and add something special to their every day lives. 

Sometimes it can be overwhelming as an Arts group to keep up with all the business in the background. Often these groups are run by dedicated volunteers who are juggling many responsibilities. It can be helpful to work with a coach to help keep your organization focused on what matters most. You do not have to do everything.

Be Strategic

Create a multi-year strategic plan for your organization focused on what you value most using a collaborative process. 

Build Skills

Create a learning plan for individuals and groups that improves the creative expertise and expands what's possible.

Generate Possibilities

Engage in a group process to brainstorm how to expand, extend, or engage in new ways.

Enrich Process

Use a framework to reflect on 'how' you create or design a program together. Enrich your collaborative creative process to reinvigorate culture.

Communicate to Connect

Develop a robust communication strategy for your members and audiences.

Inspire Community

Explore your partnerships and presence in the community. Make an impact by being intentional and focused on what matters.


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